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Holy Integrity

There are about 7 billion people on this planet. Most, have a difficult time walking in continual integrity with  " any consistency" for to long;  a few do have some integrity others can trust in, - But - does anyone have any wholesome  "Holy Integrity" ? ;   the kind you can stand in front of G-d, our Father in Heaven 'Himself with ? 
  Not just to pray and talk to 'Him'
To also have G-d Himself talk back to YOU ?

Yes, i know, no one is worthy of this by his own works himself ; no not one; and that Jesus (Yahshua) is the door!
When that 'door' is opened; The Holy Spirit - with Power - (rapid as electricity) is on the other side.
And it  IS NOT  a 'religion' !  .  .  . It's just G-D's' Unquestionable Promise'.

 Jesus, (Yahshua)  also says,

How can 'you' say 'you' love (respect and  totally trust)  me when 'you' don't do the things
" I say"  

What does Yahshua, (Himself)  "say" about the Holy Spirit - with Power ?

... "So I tell 'you',  every  sin and blasphemy can be forgiven, 
except  Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,
 which will never be forgiven ... 
neither in this world, neither in the [world] to come.

As for 'you', the anointing which 'you' received from 'Him' remains in 'you', and 'you' don't need for anyone to Teach 'you'. But as His anointing Teaches 'you' concerning all things, and is true, and is no lie, and even as it taught 'you'; 'you' will remain in him

 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall Teach 'you' all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto 'you'.

Call no man rabbi (teacher) for 'you' only have One Teacher !

Has anyone got enough 'Holy Integrity ' to accept what Yahshua said to you about this, or are you just continually so full of doubt about really 'respecting',  and 'trusting'  Yahshua (Himself) that 'you' always 'feel the need'  to go to ecclesiastical  mortal men to be taught and comforted by them; instead of the Holy Spirit?

Why don't  'YOU'  just do  (respect and trust)  what  Yahshua  Says !

Our  'Father'  (Himself)  'SAID ' :
Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; 

 'I ' will put 'My' law (MY Rules) (My own UNDERSTANDING)  (it's the same law that ' He ' gave  to Moses , except it's the 'Spirit of the Law version '  instead of the   'Letter of the law version'  )
  in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

 And THEY shall Teach No More every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for THEY shall ALL know me,

 from the least of THEM to the greatest of THEM, said the LORD: for I will forgive THEIR iniquity,
I will remember THEIR sins no more. 

It's G-d's Promise to 'you' to be restored to being 'One'IN'One' with Him again.

Think of it more like it's "A Gentleman's, Word of Honor style of Agreement" with G-d,
 instead of a bible lecture deposition kind of relationship !

 -And so Again -

Why is it 'greater' to perceive it more like it's  a 'Gentleman's Word of Honor style of Agreement with 'G-d' Himself ?
Because that is what turns it into an 'unquestionable' and 'heart-felt' promise: a promise that is sealed by mutual 'respect' and 'trust' . . . Between 'you' and 'G-d Himself ' . . . unlike a religious courtroom 'paper contract attitude' that is frankly 'cold-hearted': made dependable only because of the possibility of 'mistrust' regardless of 'respect', or 'dignity', and usually carries kind of a 'whiff' of 'disdain' and contemptuous 'uncertainty'.

Address it as 'Holy Integrity' !

Cut out the middle men  : The 'Religious Marketplace' brokers
( and spit out  'all' those heated, prickly, doctrine briers  [yes, all of them]  they have put in your mouth that want to stick in your lips, then you'll be able to start fresh with G-d)

These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is pointless, because their teachings are rules made by humans. (religious man-devised gimmicks ; contraptions - called 'doctrines' )

 The only 'exception' is the Actual Gospel Story itself !

The Holy Ghost Does not function as a  'Clergy Picker' , but rather functions 'in Power' by Indwelling, Teaching and Guiding 'those' who clearly 
(Trust and Respect)
Believe 'IN'  / 'ON' God's only 'begotten' Son!

 This is what the new covenant is all about !  
Yahshua made it so that 'you' are  no longer  'bridled' to what ecclesiastical mortals relentlessly rationalize about G-d ; based on something that is 'only just' written on paper ! 

  'You' are no longer bridled by what humans Teach about God; other than the Actual  Gospel Story itself!

The Holy Spirit  - 'G-d's own Spirit' \ 'The Breath of Yahshua'  
 Teaches us the rest of all things, and recalls what  'Yahshua' Himself' 
says, to  us . . . 'personally'

We are to preach (circulate) the Gospel Story, what is the Gospel?
It's the greatest story ever told; the story of how God provided redemption for those who would receive it.
The simplest review about it is:
 For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever 'Believed'IN'Him' would receive eternal life. God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world. Those who 'Believe'IN'Him' won't be condemned. But those who Don't Believe are already condemned because they Don't Believe 'IN' God's only Son. That is why people are condemned:

Doing a Solid with the Holy Ghost

 'Our work'  as 'Believers in Yahshua' ,  is circulating the 'Actual Gospel' itself  to the world, and this DOES NOT include preaching 
or teaching others about "what scholarship", or "what religious
 junk-food knowledge books to read", or "what kind of glistening worship centers or spin offs from them" -  "to build or attend" so
 that  'they'  can victoriously "believe".
 Neither does it include 'teaching' the bible to the whole world . . .
  but rather showing them why and how they can receive the
 Holy Spirit so they may also approach "Our Father in Heaven" 
 in "His New Covenant" so that Our Father in Heaven can show 'them' Himself (by His Holy Spirit)  in what and how to believe !
Yahshua's own word's simplify the 'Gospel' when He says
"Repent ~ Receive the Holy Ghost ~ The kingdom of G-d IS at hand.
(As His People, and As His Children)
 This 'total trust' proposal; with it's 'direct oversight' from 'Our Father in Heaven'  (Himself) is what the true purpose of the 'Gospel' is all about: and Yahshua is the 'One' 
who fulfilled the requirements of this by the shedding of His blood,  His death, His resurrection, and 'Yahshua' asking our Father to send those who 'Believe 'IN' Yahshua's  purpose',  - the Holy Spirit - with Power -  ; to teach them and guide them, empower them, forever; instead of a 'mortal priesthood;.

The 'Holy Spirit, (The Spirit of Truth) is Current; and is Living.
The 'Bible' (the written word ) is Historic, Static. and latent.
The Holy Ghost 'is' the greater teacher.

And (really) the 'bible'  doesn't really teach you all that much ( first hand )  about what G-d (Himself) says to 'you' personally;  - but -  just the opposite!  G-d   (Himself)   'Continually' teaches  'you' personally ( first hand )  about what 'He' says to 'you' by virtue of His 'Living Word'
 (who is sent to dwell inside your 'soul') - (His Holy Spirit - with Power) 
( The Breath of Yahshua )

Similar to 'John the Baptist' s girdle' -  A 'prized bible' is often girdled about with 'leather'.
G-d also girdled Adam and Eve with 'animal skin'  (leather) to replace the 'fig leaves' rules covering;  There  was 'a season'  'a time', and a 'purpose' for those things.   Yahshua came to 'replace' that 'leather' girdle with something 'Greater' :   The 'Total trust in God's Own Spirit covering for our 'soul'. . . The 'whitener' for our 'soul'. . .The 'light' for our 'soul'. . . The Promise ring for our 'soul'. . .The 'fire' of and for 'G-d' in our 'soul'. . .The teacher and guide for our 'soul' (so that we would no longer need for any man to teach us.) 
. . .If "The Holy Spirit" is poured into those old (leather girdle) wine-skins they will burst and become good for nothing; just like being neither 'hot'  or 'cold' ; but only worthy of being abandoned . . .

Yes, 'we' are to  circulate  just the Actual Gospel  itself to the whole world, and what is the Gospel?  Again  The 'kosher',  authentic  'Gospel' directs us to tell everyone who will receive it, to trust in 'Yahshua' doing what was necessary for us to receive the Holy Spirit (inside ourself);  totally trusting in 'His' purpose so that our 'iniquity' is forgiven .  He even told the disciples, don't do anything until 'you' receive the Holy Spirit (inside yourselves) !  leaving us in the hands of
 G-d's advocate, The Holy Spirit ... and ... that 'our' responsibility is to
 lead others  (those who receive it)  to that 'very same' advocate.
The Gospel is the story of how Yahshua purchased that advocacy (That Baptism of the Holy Spirit - with Power)  for 'us'  by the shedding of His blood, His death and resurrection and asking Our Father to send the Holy Spirit   to dwell within those who authentically, and wholly ask our 'Father in Heaven' for such.
When we do these things,  G-d will also remember our 'sins'  no more.

Don't brow-beat people to death over this; if they don't receive it; wipe the dust off your feet and move on.

Separate yourself from human, mortal, middlemen who wander around preaching more than the 'Actual Gospel Story'  itself.
(You) Go to the Holy Spirit instead !   It's time to wake up!

Let me repeat this;  This is not to make it appear that  fellowship is to be discouraged, or acquaintance among believers  (the ecclesia) - but that relationship should 'not' be used as the 'teaching tool' instead of  -or-  to the extent of  replacing what the Holy Spirit shows you.  Why? . . . again, because it just isn't the same as being 'one'IN'one' with our 'Father'.
 That  fellowship should be used for edification and encouragement among us, and to continually remind each other to  stay within the goalposts
 of correctly circulating the Gospel  itself . . . The New covenant . . .
and why Yahshua said call no man Rabbi ( teacher? Clergyman? Priest? Pastor?) because you have only 'one' Teacher . . . 


i have needed to simplify my walk to just saying that i am a believer in the Lion of the tribe of Judah. That is more than sufficient for me. Not just believing about Him, but in Him, and constantly applying my 'trust' only to just His own spoken words. i have also set aside using the term of Christian and identify much more comfortably with what the church was before the 'Nickname' "Christians" was given to it by outsiders in Antioch.
 They were simply; ' Believers in Yahshua of Nazareth' - The Son of G-d.
'the way'

Though i know the bible, i have set it aside also in favor of just placing my 'trust', in ~ on preferring the actual words of Jesus (Yahshua) only. i have a red letter publication that includes only the words of Messiah.

This seems to eliminate the confrontation with those man made doctrines of organized religion. i'm not saying that G-d doesn't provide spiritual doctrine within our spirit and our soul, but i rather prefer 'His' own 'living wisdom'; oversight and guidance into what is actually 'His' doctrine.
 When i first heard the words 'Jesus set me free' It seemed that it was never  something that i was 'really' able to grasp deep down in the honest reflection of my soul no matter how hard i tried . . . Now truly; for the first time in my life, i can both say it and touch it.  By exchanging those 'earthly church' doors, for the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" door, my walk with G-d transformed itself into something more 'holy' than i had ever dreamed for.

Again I say:
I am no longer hog-tied by any man-made doctrines.
But rather Set Free to instead, join Him 'only'
by the directive of His Own Heart
~ His Own Love, Wisdom, Living Word, and Light. ~

All of which was transported to us by His Only  Begotten Son 

Y'shua (Jesus) Himself; The Son of G-d is 'The Way'; Not 'the mortal protocol of a religion' . . . nor . . . even the 'Bible' itself . . . At best, those things can only point to Him. When we discover Him - it's no longer profitable to cherish or 'dote on them' - why? Because that scenario will soon begin to cause us to do things that will dilute and interfere with the intended proposal of 'His own invisible yet authentic'  teaching and guidance which our 'first love' looks forward to showing us and giving to us, Himself, instead.

I also am not trying to say that the 'Scriptures' have no value.  The 'Scriptures' do have a value of their own - they do point to Yahshua
  Even so  -  the  book which has become notably known as 'the Bible'  notwithstanding; 

If you can receive it . . .

 is just not G-d and doesn't have the ability to 'act' on the behalf of our Father in heaven, Yahshua, or the Holy Ghost's behalf . 

Yahshua Himself said:
. . . "John the Baptist was  'if you can receive it'  Elijah the Prophet"  . . .

 The very same John the Baptizer said not to follow him any longer, because he only baptized with water; but rather to follow and do what Messsiah says because Messiah baptizes with the Holy Ghost and fire

That 'bible' is just a book, and just cannot duplicate baptizing with the Holy Ghost.

I do not say this in bitterness or for the purpose of offending anyone . . . it is what it is . . .  . . .

 Regardless of how one chooses to perceive Christianity; . . . it appears that a majority of the "followers of Jesus"  don't  really detect that; or have chosen to dismiss questioning it.
There is a 'greater way'

 . . . Nevertheless, . . .

  The  'Bible'  is just not G-d, nor can it perform on 'God's' behalf.  'Playing Business' with it points to the very thing that the 'Living Wisdom' of it reproves.
 And ~ when compared to the baptism of Yahshua, the bible is just not a Heavenly Being that is Equal to the Holy Ghost  (God's  Own Spirit, given by Yahshua through our Father in Heaven) who communicates God's 'living wisdom'; with 'living words' from the fountains of our own 'soul' within our own belly.

Liturgy, (doctrines of  'formality'  authored by men) seem to be the very thing that has split 'believers' into over 40 thousand denominations. 'The Church' that Yahshua is building is only supposed to be 'One' -  without 'divisions'.

And other sheep I have, which are
not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear 'my voice'; and
there shall be 'ONE' fold, and 'ONE' shepherd.

And that is also; exactly why Jesus  (Yahshua)  said

 'you' search the scriptures;  for in them 'you think' you have eternal life: they are they which testify of 'me'. Yet,  'you' will not come to (just) 'me' that 'you' might have life.
 I receive not honour from men
 But I know 'you', that 'you' have not the love of God in 'you' .      
Studying to show yourself approved of G-d - being instant to preach in season and out of season - reproving, rebuking, etc. 'drivelings ', aren't really  part of Yashua's teaching or speech; and quite honestly, as a rule, just turn into 'bible thumpinr'  episodes. .

Yahshua  instead says "do not worry beforehand about what you should say, but say whatever is given you in that hour; for it is not you who speak; but it is the Holy Ghost."

The 'words' of Yahshua through the Holy Ghost are 'greater' and 'weightier' words!
 Totally trust Them and Respect Them.
(The ones written in 'Red Letters')

Pure admonishment for 'preaching' the Gospel to the world truly means 'circulating' the 'Gospel' story of Yahshua itself . . . leaving the man made 'Marketplace Religion Protocol' concept completely out of it.

i do not remain in Yahshua at all by standing in sets of books or leadership which is just standing in sets of books; but instead have put myself in the hands of Yahshua of Nazareth - The Son of G-d; His own 'Living Words', and 'His Baptism of 'living wisdom' (power) in the Holy Spirit.