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Is the Bible the word of God?

Is the Bible the word of God? . . . the Bible is the 'written-word' of God. Howbeit; does not equal being 'alive' itself . . . it does not equal being 'the Holy Spirit' Himself . . . it does not have a 'power-source' of itself . . . it just is not God Himself  . . . And,  it just can not act on the behalf of God.

There is a greater "Word" of God (Himself). That 'Word' which in the beginning: before anything which was created, was created; 'That' Word was with God; and was God; (and 'is' God). 

God created everything through him, and nothing that was created, was created except through 'Him'.

'That' Word became flesh and shined in the 'darkness' and the 'darkness' comprehended not 'that' Word . . . 'that' Word is 'life' . . . 'that' Word is 'spirit' . . .'that' Word is 'power' . . . and 'that' Word does act on the behalf of God Himself.

And 'that' Word cannot be 'written' on paper with ink.

Those who 'trust' in 'that' Word will find that they 'can' understand the bible; but those who 'genuinely' trust 'that' Word also soon come to find that they do not really have too much of a 'need' to place their 'initial security' in the 'written-word' anymore, anyhow . . . because 'that' ~ "Word of God Himself", is the 'greater choice to 'count on', look to, and believe 'in'.

Bible thumping or aggressive to strict arguing over the understanding or misunderstanding of the ‘written-word’ verses, seems to me to be nothing more than punches that are thrown to make great bragging right stories for the winner so that they would appear to others to be ‘the teacher’. It seems to infer that the winner of the quibbling contest usually wins the right to say ‘you need to get into the ‘written-word’ or you are not really approved of by God.  

The concern that I smell within that style of osmosis is that the process (when used by mortal men) always leaves an opening  for the winner to create a ‘doctrine’ with; trying to prove they have that ‘peacock swagger’ to speak on the behalf of God.

Again, the bible is not God; and it does not perform nor can it act on the behalf of God Himself:  it is only the 'written' word.  Anything that plays business with it goes against the very thing that the very 'wisdom' within it; bumps up against.

Have 'you' received the Holy Spirit since you believed? . . . If not, just ask God Himself for it. If you, being a mere mortal know how to give what is good to your children, . . . how much more will your Father in Heaven know how to give that which is  a 'good gift' to you.

   Repent; and prefer to place your trust in 'that'  (greater)  Word which the 'written- word' can only point to.

. . . Why? . .
 Because . . . 'that' Word . . . is the Word which truly 'is' alive.