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"Church attendance, Bible reading / understanding; and 'doctrine' acceptance"; are commonly accepted as the standards 
for evaluating a Christian’s spiritual qualities in the sight of 'religious' mortal men.
and are continually watched over by  'Big Brother'
 (the 'expressive' strongman)

 A relationship between 'you yourself ' and 'God Himself ' is something quite "different".  It is the 'New Covenant' which Our Father promised to put in our inward parts, 
( in our soul and in our spirit
 and spiritually write in/on our hearts )
And it is
 "Just like Our Father";
 ‘It is spirit and it is truth also.'

The 'Gospel' is the story of how Yahshua, Our  Messiah, 
(God's only  'begotten'  Son) 
 fulfilled making that 'New Covenant'  take effect and made it become known among mankind; both to and for the peoples on this earth.
Believing, trusting, and walking in "that New Covenant" are the "Standards" for
The descendants of Abraham  to be evaluated with, in the sight of our Father in Heaven.

 (  Yahshua's disciples were all Jews. Jesus instructed the disciple Peter to go to the Gentiles and preach and circulate (His Father's Promise) to them also. 
(and tell those who 'believed' to continue circulating that Good News as well)

That completed the promise so that all mortals who would accept the Gospel Story and trust in it could also be adopted; grafted in; and counted among those who could be approved by G-D. )

The Kingdom of God
is inside  ' you ' !

  The  'prescription for instruction'  of common, ordinary men, by G-d's own Spirit - with Power - 
instead of and rather than a 'mortal priesthood' 
to become 'approved' by G-d in God's New Covenant  was totally 'foreign' to the priesthood style of religious teaching of that day. In today's world, it still seems 'foreign' in style to those of the
 Religious Marketplace's middle-men.
Jesus, (Yahshua) baptizes with the Holy Ghost - and Power - rather than using the 'MarketPlace Religion's 'knowledge of good and evil' 
teaching and guidance (bottom line) traditions; 
and that is what this is 'all' about.

The purpose of this blog "Do a Solid with G-d" is to encourage
those who desire 'that'  "New Covenant Promise"; 'Trustworthy Proposal' from G-d Himself and desire to continually entertain it's virtue and to live for it's betrothal.

Concerning that 'mortal priesthood'; Do what they say; don't do what they do.