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Maybe you've even heard this question presented before.  There is a large group that are kind of bull-headed and most likely wouldn't be able to offer an answer which has much 'integrity' to this 'Question' because their armor is based on being pre-programmed with instruction (doctrine) that seems to be a fail-safe for them.

Realizing the sensitivity that goes along with this question, it is necessary that we  pay faithful attention to the care and understanding of this Question, "Is Christianity a false religion?", in a way that is 'unfeigned' and 'holy' with respect toward G-d Himself. 

'Some of the Most common simple answers are': 
a. Christianity is the only True Religion.
b. All religions would seem to have some sort of value to society in general.
c. There are also other Religions one could consider.
d. Christianity is a religion that science likes to 'paint' as being a bit off-center.

But - the 'weightier' simple answer is? . . . All 'religions' are man-invented. . . All 'religion's' are a 'copy cat production' of the original 'Non-Profit organized Assemblage' of 'The tree of the knowledge of good and it's evil Master'

There is generally speaking, only 1 sufficient reason anyone would desire giving a non-inflamed, response to this question. 

Some would just be desiring approval from others to show they are scholarly enough to address it. (pride) 

Others would only address it because it threatens their beliefs, and it stirs up a seed of resentment within themselves to one degree or another that they feel needs to be 'defended'.They would like to create, at least a small arsenal of some answers so they will have their own supply of rocks to throw at those who don't agree. 

Very few would attempt to examine this 'Question' because it might be a question that is genuine enough to consider, or because they really do hunger for a more pure G-d-fearing  "Holy" Truth. 

The reason that 'religions' exist is that typically, most mortals do recognize something invisible going on  inside themselves (the inside cause) that seems to need to be answered. The Who am I, Why am I even here? Where did I come from, and Where am I going if my breath leaves my body for good? (of course there will be some exceptions to this, but you and I both know this is how common men tend to reason within themselves at the times they think more deeply.)
'Religions motivational speakers', Family, friends, and social obligatory peer pressures can also add a squeeze to it at times. (the outside cause)

Are you secure enough to ask yourself this question?

 - - - Does something from  within that  'daydream believer logic'  part of your brain seem to kind of sense that the voice of   'Religion Itself '    is more like an 'enchantment' that is saying to you . . .

 ~'You shall not surely die: For God does know that in the day you nourish yourself with my fruit, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as those in heaven, 'Knowing Good and Evil' from the nourishment you'll receive from the fruition of my 'branches' . . . Just trust me. ~

 ( ~ 'Doctrines' ,'tenets', and 'rules' of religion's protocol 
(their own commandments) 
are really not much more than just 'copycats' of that Knowledge of 'Good' and 'Evil'  ~  ) 

 In one form or another it is the same 'fruition' as the 'fruition' of  those 'branches' of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil spoken of by the 'motivational speaker' who convinced Eve to trust him.  He was a serpent.
(the creation of 'man' was never supposed to 'mate' with those laws.
They do have their place, but it's not to be 'the driver' inside 'us'. ) 

It is interesting to say the least, that Yahshua also referred to religion's
 'titled' ; upper-crust motivational speakers of His day as 

My reason for pursuing this answer is a (holy) desire for the (holy) Truth . . .
and there 'really' is a 'greater' answer than those typically mentioned above.

The 'Greater' Answer - An answer of much 'Weightier' value is:

Any 'religion' always has, and always will 'fall short' of the Truth
. . . Christianity is a 'religion' . . .
The 'Gospel' of Yahshua (Jesus) is instead, a simple, unquestionable, trustworthy 'promise', a 'holy handshake style' of agreement, a 'holy betrothal'. . .
and 'truly'; it is not a 'religion'.
It is given to and for simple 'unlearned' and 'ordinary' men.

Even though 'religion' is the leading, unrivaled mortal attempt
(which 'seems' like it should be valid) 
to answer that invisible 'murmuring' question inside us, it is like a a sly 'Trap' that keeps men from searching a bit deeper for the (holy) Truth. 'Religion' does touch on the edges of 'holy' Truth in enough areas to give a 'magical illusion' that mortals have discovered a perfect and appropriate  'Answer'.
But -'Religion' itself is is really more like putting a band-aid, and cosmetic
cover-up on a deep wound.

Yahshua didn't ask us to create a new 'religion' for Him, and separately 'brand' it.
Yahshua also didn't ask us to make the planet a better place for the human race.
Yahshua didn't ask us to spend time trying to prove to others that G-d exists. 
Yahshua did not tell us to just change the 'titles of scribes, pharisees, and doctors of the law - to 'titles' of theologian, pastor, and clergy.

He did tell those who actually believe, and trust  'IN' / 'ON Him to announce and circulate Good News. The news that 'He' had done what was necessary to rescue and restore us.
(Redeeming our approval,  acceptance  and eternal standing before of G-d)

'Religion' is , as likely as not, best explained as: ' a mortal neighborhood ' that is administrated by mortals with 'titles' of so-called  'highness' ; (theological politicians); complete with their paralegal, card carrying mouthpieces who 'claim' to speak for God, to their common fellow man;  along with their fanciful meanings (doctrines / rules) which seem to be at heart - nothing more than the 'Knowledge of Good and Evil' rules; in one form or another. That's not an 'approved power' that 'man' was ever  supposed to get involved with. 

Instead of or rather than circulating the 'Gospel' which Yahshua asked his followers to announce. That 'Gospel' - 'G-d's Promise' works from a 'greater' depth than that 'daydream believer logic' part of the brain. G-d's Promise works by the 'teaching' and 'guidance' from the "Holy Spirit" instead ~ from the depths of your heart, your soul, and your spirit; ~
(your belly, your gut level direction and guidance; Wisdom's intrinsic tutorship) 
 ~ rather than 'mortal reasoning'.

The greater,  and - weightier - Answer is: Yes, you mortals (myself included), G-d is. He 'Himself'  has given us a greater answer than any 'religion'. It can be compared to a "Gentleman's style of Agreement", with a Handshake 'style and character' of 'understanding'; an unquestionable 'Word of Honor' Promise to be forever counted on between You and 'G-d Himself'; 'alive' in our 'soul' (not in our 'brain' ; not in our conscience) - (an 'unquestionable' Agreement to all who will 'promise' to 'G-d Himself' to accept it on an individual basis.). . . 
 . . and of course, if you were around more than a few others who also believed and accepted the same 'Promise', you would be just like an 'exemplary' family. It is wholesome, holy, easily perceived, and available. 

Drop ' the religion stuff ' and Honor 'His Intended Purpose' instead.

The  'Word of Honor' style of agreement is so important that G-d needed someone to 'hand over', and bring to pass; the getting it to you.

   Someone from the Kingdom of Heaven; who would be willing to become mortal so the "Promise" could be delivered to mankind.
 - why? -
 Remember; the creation of 'man' had already 'forfeited' G-d's 'open and direct guidance' of having a loving, totally trustworthy 'innocent' relationship with 'G-d Himself' .
 ('the fall of man' - in the Garden of Eden)

G-d's plan called for someone who was most trustworthy, honest, unable to be turn-coated by any sly contender, someone who could not be pressured by persecution, or even death to mess it up; Someone who was 'exactly' like G-d-Himself, who thought 'exactly' the same as G-d, understood 'exactly' the same as G-d.and acted 'exactly' the same as G-d, had 'exactly' the same spirit as G-d, and was 'Holy'; to present G-d's "Word of Honor - Agreement" to us so that it's quality  would be 'unquestionable'.

He chose and sent His Word to deliver it. And His only begotten (and the Word became flesh)  Son did deliver God's 'Word of Honor - Agreement' to us from His Father, to be given to each and every individual mortal who would accept it. It was never intended to be given as a 'religion' with it's diverse soap-box 'protocols' .
If a thimbleful of 'religion' is even mixed into it ; it will soon begin to give birth to a bitter-sweet taste, that shrewdly functions to both 'diminish', and 'cover-up' the intended - 'Power' - of the the Holy Ghost (G-d's own Spirit).

Why is it 'greater' to think of it more like it's a 'Gentleman's style ', - Word of Honor Promise 'concept' of an - Agreement with  "God Himself" ?
Because that is what turns it into an 'unquestionable' and  'heart-felt'  promise; a promise that is sealed by mutual 'Respect' and 'Total Trust'. . . Between 'you' and 'G-d Himself '. . . unlike a religious courtroom 'paper contract attitude'  that is frankly kind of 'cold-hearted';  made dependable only because of the possibility of 'mistrust' regardless of   'respect',  or  'dignity',  and usually carries kind of a  'whiff'  of  'disdain'  and 'contempt'.  (contemptuous uncertainty)

Courtroom paper 'frame of mind' contracts always seem to have hidden within them; fine print, escape clauses, and legal strings attached kind of stuff (movable parts); that can backbite, or cause unexpected conflict or contest. Paper 'frame of mind' contracts always seem to have a need to be read by chapter; page number; paragraph number; and line number, by some 'big shot' doctor of the law - Clubhouse lawyer, for their continuous and never-ending verification, along with their 
on how to work it and juggle it.

The unquestionable, 'Word of Honor' - 'Total Trust' agreement with G-d Himself is called the Gospel of Yahshua; some call it the New Covenant; others just call it G-d's Promise, . . . but if and when mortal written "postscripts", (by-laws, rules, and doctrines) get added to it, The Gentleman's Handshake, Word of Honor - style of Agreement with G-d then starts to become - void of Power - paper thin - pointless  -  and fruitless; when presented before the 'eyes of G-d'.

 Why? . . . 
Because those things begin polluting the 'Total Trust' in His already 'betrothed', and Spoken, 'Living Promise', by adding their own inborn nature to it.  
Those 'things' work like yeast, and they just never want to stop fermenting; or becoming your favored 'choice' of 'drivers' inside you. 

The "Word of Honor Agreement" with 'G-d Himself ' cannot be written on paper because it's 'greater' design is rather to be inscribed in Spirit, in/on men's hearts and to 'work' by the performance of the Holy Spirit in our 'soul' (our inward parts)
Individually, and distinctively ) 
 A piece of paper does not have what it takes to do that;  is not capable of acquiring or receiving it; nor does it have the ability to impart  it! That is why  "The One" who 'handed over' G-d's Promise to us,  'Did Not'  write it down on a piece of paper for us.

 Leave that 'religion stuff '; which has a major consequence of over-riding  G-d's own, 'living wisdom' : with 'the knowledge of good and evil' rules: out of your 'recovery' with G-d.        selah

So; where do we go to learn what God desires of us ? . . . To the same place that Noah went. The same place the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob went, The same place that the Prophets went; The same place that the Apostle John went; the same place that all the disciples of Jesus went. the same place that Jesus went to and came from.
 It's called 'The Kingdom of Heaven' . . . it has no street address, it has no internet address . . . because it's inside you. We are to 'attend' at that place.
Because the Kingdom of God is at hand . . . not going to be . . . but is now there.

Being familiar with this Question, it seems to me that this really is the "greater" answer; and the "weightier" answer;
In a manner that is unshakable,  I choose to bet my life on it's light.