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Love the Lord Your God with all your Heart

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength . . . and Love your 'neighbor' as yourself. . . Hang all the Law, and the Prophets on only these two commandments and you will satisfy what God is looking for and observing in you

How do you do that?  It's as elementary and clean and innocent, as observing it through the eyes of a 'little' child. An innocent 'little' child; 'in the beginning'  of their life, is at first just insightful and responsive to those who brought him into existence.

What if you employ those commandments (Not as a model to use in trying to understand  'mortal pulpiters'  continual teachings; or what their books are trying to say)
 - But - 
employ them 'instead of - and in place of'  'mortal pulpiters' continual teachings, guidance and the books they attempt to popularize !

That seems to be the choice that has worked best for me to both exercise and esteem both of
G-d's weightiest commandments.

For me anyhow, it has been as simple as looking at the cause of where nonperformance of those 'two weightiest commandments' began. That downfall all began in the Garden of Eden; with Adam and Eve; and with their forfeiture and loss of God's personal direction and oversight in regard to them. It happened in the heart, soul, mind, and strength of both Adam and Eve.  First, Eve; then Adam, was deceived by being tricked and fooled by what became 'the fall of man'.  It wasn't just Adam and Eve only - on the whole, by and large, all of us mortals would seem to have dishonored God's only ('do not do this'rule ~ not to eat fruit from that same 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil
 ( laws~rules)
Which are all based on the "Letter of the Law"

It seems to me that we are all just as 'out of line' as Adam and Eve came to be.
Because that was the beginning of the Non-Profit organized Assemblage that has become subtly know as 'church' and or 'religion' today

That fruit was not really an apple  (I think you know that)  . . .  it is the weightier principle of the 'pasturing' on; pursuing; and then acting on the 'concern' of the doing of 'good' and not doing 'evil' as the best way for 'mankind' to please God;  learning  the difference between 'what is right' and the 'what is wrong' . . . and then concentrating our efforts to not do the continual ever-growing list of what is wrong (rules/laws), instead of being obedient to the 'expectation' behind those two commandments of G-d - (Himself).

Jesus (Yahshua) says 'no one', yes, no one born of women, notwithstanding,  has ever fulfilled those burdens of not doing what was 'wrong', and the doing what was 'right' laws, better than John the Baptist (Elijah the prophet) 
. . . nevertheless . . .
That even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is still 'greater' than John . . . and always remember:  John already knew that Yahshua (Jesus) was the Messiah;  John spoke that Yahshua was the 'one' to follow and not John (Himself) any longer. And John also, already knew that Yahshua would 'baptize in the Holy Ghost'.

(When Yahshua came to John to be baptized by John . . . John stopped Him and said 'I am in need of being baptized by you', so why are you coming to me? - John's holy instinct was spot-on to Yahshua's purpose.)
 . . . John knew. . . John wasn't looking  for a new 'religion' or what a new religion should be called; John was just seeking Yahshua's Baptism; John was well familiar with 'water-baptism' and what it stood for already; John  just wanted  to
 '' step up" to trusting in Yahshua's baptism instead.

Can we say that we are 'greater' than John the Baptist?

 How do we process this?

Yahshua was sent by His Father (G-d Himself) with a promise of how that would take place. It required some 'honorable' , 'holy', single-minded works by Yahshua Himself; along with the giving of that answer from 
 G-d Himself  ~ to 'us' ~  And  Jesus (Yahshua) got it done!

The simple, easy to remember instruction of Yahshua Himself is
 . . . Repent, the Kingdom of G-d 'is' at hand ~ Receive the Holy Spirit . . .
What does 'Repent' mean?  
It truly means;
Change the way you think and act about what it 'really' takes to please G-d.

 Return to: (Totally Trusting in) - Loving the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, and all your strength . . . and Loving your 'neighbor' as yourself.
( Authentically; instead of trying to schmooze thru by pretending to 'be trustworthy' to a never ending inventory of 'morality rules' and 'doctrines' that mortals really don't fully understand or obey very well anyhow . . . a 'light-weight' example would be just deceitfully telling 'little whitewashed lies'
. . . or . . . 
believing God will 'bust you' when you don't go to church .) 

How do we do that?

By abandoning that 'cosmetic way' of thinking that we please G-d by just name-dropping the name of His only begotten Son; (where we 'fancy' it's 'flavor' could be-fit our words) and then, all over again; actually just return to continue on, by again 'trying' to do what we presume is good, and that continual 'trying' to stay away from those things we think are evil.  G-d's own  'living wisdom' can see thru 'cosmetic centrals' sly disguise easily.   Instead; receive and start 'totally trusting' in the Baptism of Yahshua in it's place. 

 John the Baptist was not approved to baptize with 'that' baptism.  That is an 'innocent' distinction between authority regarding those baptisms.

It is better understood as the 'innocent' distinction between John's 
'Baptizing in water' and  'Baptizing' in the name of the  Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost .  . .  selah!

That 'tree of the knowledge of  'good and evil laws~rules' was from a 'residual Non-Profit organized Assemblage (religious) social order and their angels' who were operative on earth at the time. 

 (What residual religious social order?) ~ the ones whom Cain was sent out to in the Land of Nod where he acquired a wife and bore children; east of Eden: when Cain was banished from the presence of the Lord.  . . . 
The purpose of 'Adam' was not ever intended to duplicate that same 'residual Non-Profit organized Assemblage' or their angels who had left their first estate, or their 'teachings'; but rather to replace it by rather ''trusting' in the 'Spirit of G-d', Himself; instead, and 'only' Him' ~ made complete with a suitable, in character 'Help Meet' ~ instead ~.  / to trust G-d's Living Word completely, instead of the knowledge of good and evil rules.
 The nutrition and nourishment for 'us' is the 'bread' that comes from Heaven only. (pure innocence) - to love (totally trusting) the 'Word' of the Lord our G-d with 'an eye that is single' in that trust ~ The Living Word that was (in the beginning); before anything was created; with G-d  and was G-d and nothing was created, that was created, without Him. And the "Word became flesh" ~ not paper and ink with a leather binding! ~ Who did not accomplish pleasing Our Father with quills and ink. ~ But rather pleased G-d by baptizing with the Holy Spirit.

Pure Love is really just  - Total Trust in Someone else.

It's not a 'feeling' of needing to show our love to them because of  'guilty conscience' ;  or finding ourselves 'embarrassed' in front of them, or an 'urgent  pinch feeling' of the need to be 'bailed out' because we feel we are being pressured about being 'written up' by some 'superior acting' ; 'full of hot air'; know-it-all legal beagle. 

Who is the Lord your God?
If down inside yourself, you don't really know . . . then this blog is not even directed to you.
Who is your Neighbor?
He is the 'friend' who lived among us, who can now be 'in' us. He rescued us when we were beaten up and left on the road 'half dead': He poured wine and oil in our wounds and left us in the care of the 'innkeeper' until he returns. He is the Son of G-d. He paid the price for our 'iniquity'. 

And what about that 'tricky' accord of doing what's right, and not doing what's wrong  (laws/rules) . . . in order to please G-d?  . . . Well, that will truly take care of itself by the baptism in the Spirit of  'God Himself '.
 . . .  you receive that by unquestionably and wholly asking our Father in Heaven for 'Yahshua's Baptism'. . . 
 "Totally" Trust in how 'that' baptism progressively functions to satisfy what
 G-d's purpose for us really is!  

Don't use the 'Knowledge of that 'good and evil' (rules/law stuff) as the 'driver' for Yahshua's Baptism, or, His two weightiest commandments . . . you will spoil how they really work; . . .and you will spoil how it fixes the matter of sin! 

Allow the Holy Spirit to give the 'light' for both; The Holy Spirit shows them in 
'pure and innocent color',
(like the colors of a 'rainbow')
 instead of those knowledge of 'good and evil' ; right and wrong; black, white, and gray-area colours.

G-d is Spirit and G-d is Truth: He is' totally capable' of causing that healing-cure to take place within those who truly and authentically trust and respect Him . . . and He is totally capable of correcting us (Himself) if and when we err.

Love (placing all your 'faith' only in) the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul,  and all your strength . . . and Loving your 'neighbor' as yourself.
All the other laws / rules  will take care of themselves IF you just 'abide' in the 'baptism of the Yahshua'  - (the Holy Spirit) - and in these two commandments.