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We have, generally speaking, all heard of the Gospel of Yahshua.

The simplest review about it is:
 For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever 'Believed 'IN' Him.-
 (in His Holy  'no strings attached'  Intent and Purpose)
-would receive eternal life. God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world. Those who 'Believe "IN" Him' won't be condemned. But those who Don't Believe are already condemned because they Don't Believe 'IN' God's only Son. That is why people are condemned:

What makes this so important?


For the "First time" in the history of mortal man, 

  ~ G-d's own Spirit ~

(The Holy Spirit / "The 'Word"/ The same 'Word' that  ~  in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with G-d and the Word was G-d, and by Him were all things made, and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life and the life was the light of men; and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not; and the Word became flesh (Yahshua) ; He is the 'One' whom Yahshua baptizes those who 'authentically believe' in Him with)

 was put in the position of being God's chosen Teacher and Guide
Our Personal Trainer)
  for those who believe in Him; instead of a 'mortal priesthood' .

Yahshua is the 'ONE' who made this possible by the works He did here on planet earth.
 That is why Yahshua is the "Messiah".

"And That Is The Gospel  which Yahshua asked his disciples to spread to the ends of the world."

"The Gospel 'is' the New Covenant"
'G-d's Promise'

Think of it more like it's "A Gentleman's, Word of Honor style of Agreement" with G-d Himself,
 instead of a religious courtroom deposition kind of relationship !

Again . . . Why is it 'greater' to think of it more like a 'Gentleman's, word of  honor style' of Agreement with God' ?
 Once more - because that is what turns it into an 'unquestionable' and  'heart-felt'  promise; A promise that is sealed by mutual  'respect' and ' total  trust '. . . between 'you' and G-d' Himself . . . ( It's really a betrothal ) and is like night and day when compared to any 'paper contract attitude' which is frankly 'cold-hearted'; made dependable only because of the possibility of 'mistrust'  regardless of  'respect', or 'dignity',  and usually carry's kind of a  'whiff'  of 'disdain'  and  contemptuous 'uncertainty'.
Because that  'lawful' style  attitude has a built in symptom of losing it's balance 'time after time'; making those who are attempting to believe; 'time after time'; feel like they are slipping in and out of  their restoration to and with G-d; to the point of  being in need of a 'checkup' with some 'doctor of the law' mortal, on it's rules for verification; because it seems to have a lot of moving parts.
It's just not the same as 'Totally Trusting, and Loving the Lord your G-d Himself, in  that 'first love' excitement over what He 'Himself' has  'Proposed' in a 'Promise'  to you yourself.

The Kingdom of Heaven does not  'run' on the 'Letter of the Law' but instead  'fulfills'  "life"  for us through and by only the 'Spirit of the Law'.and that is  exactly why
Jesus (Yahshua) ,
 ~ after His resurrection said  ~
 "Go into all the world and preach the gospel, and make disciples in all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". 

The 'creation' of G-d; 'called man'  lost it's (direct oversight) personal 'one'IN'one',Trustworthy relationship with G-d by being scammed in G-d's Garden of Eden. It happened as a result of a smooth talking 'religion protocol' scam artist convincing them that if they would 'overlook' what G-d told them about 'not' eating fruit (fruition) from the branches of the tree of  the knowledge of good and evil that they would become just like G-d ; knowing 'good' and 'evil';
 if they would just eat that fruit!

 Selling them on a ''dog and pony show'' that would dis-mantle  their existing; recognized; 'one'IN'one' trustworthy relationship  and their direct personal oversight from G-d Himself; where G-d (Himself) was already  teaching and guiding them, at the time, 'Himself',  both in and about 'wisdom' ! . The serpent was implying that they would really get  approval from G-d  quicker and smarter - merely by using a 'sweet little trick'; - just by tasting an enticing; and  well blended fellowship of
religion sense' - " Knowledge of Good and Evil Rules" ... cheat sheet stuff. 

 And it appeared 'genuine', -but- the Letter of the Law 'naked truth' only flashed it's 'demise'. But instead: It was the 'original' Non-Profit organized Assemblage
and it embeds, and leavens the loaf continually with 'The Letter of the Law'

The updated current version of that same scenario is not really much different

 - other than -
just 'name-dropping'  "the name of Jesus
 into it's sly-crafted leavening.

 Adam and Eve got 'swindled' - lost  their 'direct oversight'  from G-d Himself - and they became 'captives', and a bargaining chip for the one who captured them - and they were 'trapped'

Adam and Eve (man's earthly origin patriarchs) weren't the only ones to get swindled by that same 'sweet talking' serpent . . . it still happens every day to the descendants of Adam and Eve. 
That tree of the 'knowledge of good and evil'  is 'religion' with it's branches; that is still branching out.

Prophet-ing with it's branches that 'snake' out like  'spiritual-insurance-companies'; and  'spiritual-beautification salon-chains'; on every street corner and every 'marketplace' they can find;  to sell 'you' on  their 'you need our protection 'cover' / dazzle G-d with a perfect 10  appearance (disguise); Then summing it up with their 'guilty conscience flavors' of sales pressure.

That same 'Serpent' has left these ones too; on that same road; stripped; beaten : robbed; and half dead. (feeling trapped)

Seek G-d's  Promise to both repair the damage, and reconcile yourself with'G-d' instead!
And  'this'  is really what the Gospel of Yahshua is all about!

The 'Gospel' is the story of how Jesus (Yahshua) fulfilled all the things that were necessary to both rescue G-d's creation of man; and restore that 'one'IN'one' trustworthy relationship with "G-d Himself'" which was lost when Adam and Eve were fooled by that motivational speaking 'serpent' in G-d's Garden; to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil  That is what the 'fall' of man was all about, and  Yahshua's' baptism in the Holy Spirit - with Power is what was and is needed to take place  to 'rescue' , and 'restore' that 'one'IN'one' relationship of 'pure trust' with God Himself.  That can only come from trusting, and respecting Yahshua's' 'holy' and true purpose.

i know we are all at different mile-post markers in our walk. 

i have needed to simplify my walk to just saying that i am a believer in the Lion of the tribe of Judah. That is more than sufficient for me. Not just believing about Him, but in Him, and constantly applying my 'trust' only to just His own spoken words. i have also set aside using the term of Christian and identify much more comfortably with what the church was before the 'Nickname' "Christians" was given to it by outsiders in Antioch.
 They were simply; ' Believers in Yahshua of Nazareth' - The Son of G-d.
'the way'

Though i know the bible, i have set it aside also in favor of just placing my 'trust' in ~ on, preferring the actual words of Jesus (Yahshua) only. i have a red letter publication that includes only the words of Messiah.

This seems to eliminate the confrontation with those man made doctrines of  organized religion. i'm not saying that G-d doesn't provide spiritual doctrine within our spirit and our soul, but i rather prefer 'His' own 'living wisdom'; oversight and guidance into what is actually 'His' doctrine.
 When i first heard the words 'Jesus set me free' It seemed that it was never  something that i was 'really' able to grasp deep down in the honest reflection of my soul no matter how hard i tried . . . Now truly; for the first time in my life, i can both say it and touch it.  By exchanging those 'earthly church' doors, for the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" door, my walk with G-d transformed itself into something more 'holy' than i had ever dreamed for.

I am no longer hog-tied by any man-made doctrines.
But rather Set Free to instead, join Him 'only'
by the directive of His Own Heart
~ His Own Love, Wisdom, Living Word, and Light. ~
All of which was transported to us by His Only  Begotten Son 

Y'shua (Jesus) Himself; The Son of G-d is 'The Way'. Not 'religion' . . . nor . . . even the 'Bible' itself. . . At best, those things can only point to Him. When we discover Him - it's no longer profitable to cherish or 'dote on them' - why? Because that scenario will soon begin to cause us to do things that will dilute and interfere with the intended proposal of  'His own invisible yet authentic teaching and guidance' which our 'first love' looks forward to showing us and giving to us, Himself, instead.

The Gospel is the 'record' of that Holy combination of Yahshua's 'own' spoken words and the works of the Holy Ghost within Him - of whom He baptizes those who authentically believe in / and 'trust' Him -Those who follow 'Him'..

Have you ever noticed that when Yahshua referred to what Moses or the Prophets said;
He never quoted them out of an urgent need for a personal 'backup' or by book; chapter, and verse; (that wasn't his style); but rather spoke of what they said much more as it were, that He knew them  'face-to-face' and personally - 'one in/on one'; beforehand; ? We should be like 'Him'.