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Come out of Her My People

What’s wrong with spotting the ‘false prophet’?
. . . Nothing . . .
But as we can observe in the church of ‘Ephesus’; we see for the first time that it is possible for that observation to become part of a few obsessive habits that have the capability to become monkeys on our back.

 ~  complex enough, that it can consume the ‘virtue’ within you, to the point that it can cause you to forget the “importance” of your ‘first love’ ~ 

 Ephesus was the first ecclesia to find out that many caused themselves to become double-crossed by those very pitfalls .

But I have this against you: You have abandoned your first love. Therefore, keep in mind how far you have fallen. Repent and perform the deeds you did at first. But if you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.

However in today’s times that style of ‘ecclesia’ has become the predominate church and it is not possible anymore to force the false prophet out of it anyhow: but now we instead, are told to rather . . .
 “Come out of her my people”.

And yes, the harlot-church has now become a typical, socially accepted 'threshing floor' for many who attempt to follow, believe and trust in the Son of God. The time is at hand for that very threshing floor ‘itself ’ to become threshed; by Our Father in Heaven. The "Word of God Himself" is the one who is seeing to it that the "threshing of the harlot church" takes place.

We (true believers) are not told to thresh it ourselves; but instead are told to: ‘Come out of 'her' my people’.

The intent of focus on this blog is not the spotting of the false prophet (And He has been spotted); or the unearthing of the 'Mystery Church of Babylon', the 'Harlot' (many of those who truly ‘know’ Jesus have spotted it too);

 Rather than focusing on the 'beast' and the' false profit'; the focus and the greater intention of this blog is instead; to suggest some steps to take on  . . . How To:’ Come out of Her my people’ . . .
 (leaving the ‘first love’ relationship with the Son of God intact, and preparing for the marriage supper of the lamb.

To ‘Do a solid with God’ is just a contemporary way of saying' leave the harlot church and return to God Himself'. . . And instead:

" Let the person who has ears listen to what "The Spirit" says to His church."
" Let the person who has ears listen to what "Gods Spirit" says to the Ecclesia." 
 "Let those who have ears listen to what the "Holy Ghost" says to
  "Let the person who has ears listen to what "Ruach HaKodesh'' says to "True  Believers."

"Let those who have received the "Baptism of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost" listen, understand, and continue in Him". 

When that 'Harlot' has been 'threshed' by God; the Heavens will rejoice, and we also will rejoice with them.