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Where I settled in Spiritual Understanding

Most of us tend to make spiritual dimension ‘choices’ by using common but different filters. Life experiences, friends, family, media influence, written word choices both of the Bible and or other books; and also our society’s most popular religious draw: However, too few of us probably actually consider God’s own direct drawing of us toward Him, with daily hunger for it. Usually our desire for God is more like a fickle spark in our quest for ‘eternal life’ that most tend to get side-tracked from too easily, shortly after experiencing it's tug. 

This blog is a personal opinion (That’s what blogs generally point to)

 This blog only leans toward the ‘filters’ that I have chosen in my own life. I will say that my predominate filter  ‘is not’ perceiving the ‘Spirit of God’ as a light-footed midwife; but rather THE ‘Teacher and Guide’ honored well above any mortal 'wanna-be' teacher in my life; and that the Words of the Son of God are not ‘sound bites’ to only tickle my ears.
The Holy Spirit is not like an altar boy for me ~ But is instead, is the 'primary' giver of ‘light’ who guides us out of darkness.

We are called to seek the lost sheep who know they are trapped in the darkness, and reveal to them the ‘guide’ who sheds the light for the path to get back home.

 That to me does not seem to be the same thing as seeking those who utter that they are not lost and then continue pestering them in order to proselytize them.

I am sincere about my point of view.

I am not trying to impress the neighborhood, or play 'smack-talk with anyone, or become anybody's teacher; so please don't take it that way. 

My understanding of the purpose of life is to 'live', and be perpetually taught and guided by God Forever. Adam and Eve were created to live in 'that life'. They were side-lined by a smooth talking salesman in the Garden of Eden. The Son of God came to us to redeem us from the consequences of that altercation and restore us to our original purpose. He got it done ~ by giving us the opportunity to again be perpetually taught and guided by God again ~ Forever