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Christians are not supposed to judge

Christians are not supposed to judge; yet they are also required to spread the Word of God: What message should they be sending then?


                              They should be sending the message: 

To seek God's face. To seek 'His Rule' in their life and set their heart to live in 'His'  kingdom.

And like God Himself; The Kingdom of Heaven is a spiritual kingdom ~ not a brick and mortar 'religious assemblage' earthly kingdom.

And to make 'every effort' to live 'daily', in the reality of a right relationship with God Himself.

The Son of God said to preach (circulate) that Gospel (the Good News) to the people in the world and see to it they understand that they can receive God's own Spirit to teach and guide them 'personally'.

That 'Good News' is now 'trusting' and 'receiving' of the baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be led out of darkness instead of trying to use the 'written-word' to accomplish that goal .   Those who already 'believe' and have 'received that 'Holy Spirit, may lay hands on you to receive it; or you yourself can ask our Father in Heaven Himself for it, to receive it also . . . 'that's it,  period'. 

That  'way'  is now possible because the things necessary to make it work that way were made perfect by the 'works' of the Son of God, Himself. 

The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you . . . it's here today . . . it's not something you wait until your body dies so you can enter into it.

Believers in the Son of God are not supposed to judge; yet they are also required to spread the Gospel (the Good News) of God. . . Brow-beating others over it is not acceptable ~ but instead, only giving to them the Good News that their is now a greater choice they can consider, if they choose to do so.

That is the message they should be circulating.

It's pretty simple; The guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit will put it all together after that for those who continue in it,  and for those who genuinely 'trust' and' practice' only in desiring  the leading of His Holy Spirit.That's what the message is all about.

  The Kingdom of Heaven 'is' designed to work, function, and give instruction and guidance . . . inside you